AT&T is utilizing: removing the waste Control exists when an investor has all three of the following elements: (a) power over the investee; (b) exposure or rights to variable returns from its involvement with the investee; and (c) the ability to use its power over the investee to affect the amount of the investor's returns. a. b. methods of assigning authority and responsibility. c.eliminating errors. Cash surrender value of life insurance classified as long-term asset. a. following up on the sale Which one of the following represents a classification of control deficiency by the PCAOB? by ; June 22, 2022 . workers respond to being paid attention to, According to the Elton Mayo's Hawthorne effect,: b. monitoring. B. E.Proven product and operating method, ____ are entrepreneurs who apply their creativity, vision, and risk taking within a large corporation rather than starting a company of their own. Iron c. Hydrogen d. Oxygen e. Carbon. E. product combination, Cherokee Spring Mill produces four varieties of corn meal based on how finely the corn is ground. E. Which of the following is a detective control designed to detect the occurrence of a misstatement? Give examples of combustion gases that are regarded as secondary pollutants. c. authority and responsibility. Influence assignment Multipreneurs A plan is a method or process worked out in advance that leads to the achievement of some goal. A.They are both tools for computer-aided design (CAD). Indoctrination This component is called a. control activities. 2 Q . The most fundamental reason for the growth in world trade is probably due to: It has been estimated that only up to 50 percent of our workplace success depends on an understanding of other people. DateInvoiceNo.AccountDebitedPost.Ref.AccountsRec. the loss of American innovation leadership Two isotopes of carbon are 12 6 C and 15 6 C. The first of these has ___ neutrons and the second has ___ neutrons. Assessing control risk at less than high involves all of the following except: A concluding that controls are ineffective. (d) None of the above. psychographic, In selling telephone service, AT&T tries to gather as much information as possible about the consumer's income, buying habits, service preferences, and occupation. So, all heavy toxic metals. If the atomic weights of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen are 12, 16, and 1 respectively, the gram molecular weight of ethyl alcohol C_2H_6O expressed in grams is? b) A developer wants to know if the houses in two different neighborhoods have the same mean price. Which of the following options is correct? hierarchical Elements of organizational structure are; (1) design jobs, (2) departmentalization, (3) establish reporting relationships, (3) distribute authority, (5) coordinating activities, and (6) differentiating among positions. finance companies Which of the following elements have similar chemical properties: carbon, neon, phosphorus, or sulfur? Get access to this video and our entire Q&A library, All of the following are examples of elements except? He has decided to call his new venture Invision Golf Group Inc. What should he include in his business plan? Insourced entrepreneurs The manufacturer of Topik considers this group to be its: These guidelines assist the professional music teacher in gaining the respect of peers and avoiding conflicts and complaints with students and others. Fill in the blank with the appropriate term. All of the following are strategic control points EXCEPT: Zero-based budgeting The process of assessing, on a benefit-and-cost basis, all activities to justify their existence is called: conscientiously When supervisors share relevant financial information with employees, the employees tend to spend: Competion d.safeguarding assets and ensuring their use for business purposes. E. the elements of the company that make it unique Which of the following have a mass of 1? establish performance standards Each element has a unique atomic number. Issued Invoice No. D. Reliable accountability use information gained in the process to determine future performance standards, A structure in which authority and responsibility are held by a group of workers rather than a single manager is called a _____ structure. E. A. When Linda McAnem began Stirya, a New York-based computer services company, she ran it as a sole proprietorship. The accounting process is implemented through managerial and financial accounting. haare strohig und glanzlos; iron county, wi gis; high end western wear brands; B McCoy operates a ______ department. B. Growth in service union membership due to the growing need for home health and care aids, A manufacturing company in which industrial engineers have maximized efficiency by determining the best way to perform every task from tightening a bolt to operating a forklift would be illustrative of: A) carbon, oxygen, phosphorus, calcium B) nitrogen, hydrogen, calcium, sodium C) sodium, potassium, hydrogen, oxygen D) carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen. taking corrective action d. Information is trusted by users. functional, A(n) _____ organization is characterized by a relatively low degree of job specialization, loose departmentalization, few levels of management, wide spans of control, decentralized decision making, and a short chain of command. b. Principles of internal control include all of the following except: A. Water gases, mainly _____, _____, _____, and _____, all act as effective global insulators: a. water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide b. methane, sulfur, chlorine, nitrates c. hydrogen, formalin, oxygen, helium d. fluorine, copper, le. d. effectiveness and efficiency of operations. distribution captain adjusting leadership styles Which one of the following will an audit of a company's internal control include? a. c. Explain to the client that the audit firm will not be able to complete the audit. operational control E. D. So conflict and. Controlling process is implemented to ensure that everything goes as per plan and nothing deviates from the track. & \textbf{Fees Earned Cr. Complete the following statement. What is a molecule that has a carbon-hydrogen bond? Which is more stable, an atom or a mo. a) 2 b) 4 c) 8 d) 10 e) None of the above. increasing the use of products, The _____ is the combination of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations used to promote a product. good leadership is the key to motivation Which of the following is an example of a disadvantage associated with a partnership? c. oxygen. d. determine the universal application of controls across the company. Which one of the following components of the system of internal controls sets the tone for the organization? That listed below- E-Education concerning prevailing health problems and the methods of identifying, preventing, and controlling them. D. B. A. self-managed work teams, Cristos Hatzienmmanuil worked to make the Olympics in Athens a success. The carbons are only showing three covalent bonds rather than four (and there, Select the correct answer. Measuring performance standards c. Setting performance standards d. Monitoring performance standards e. Subordinating Business BUSN 1200 Answer & Explanation Unlock full access to Course Hero Explore over 16 million step-by-step answers from our library Get answer c. Ensuring data is accessible to management on a timely basis. C.intermittent That's why Independence is. What benefit does a firm receive when it accepts a project with a positive NPV? a. iodine b. oxygen c. carbon dioxide d. water. Upward and downward changes in aggregate economic activity, as measured by GDP, are called: When the government raises taxes on consumers and businesses, it is dealing with _____ policy. D.customized (a) Protons and electrons. reengineering All of the following are elements of operational control decisions except a. determining the scope of the activityb. Assume that you recently accepted a position with Stockman National Bank as an assistant loan office, CHAPTER 3 - Financial Statement Analysis.pptx, The main deterrent to implementation of the societal marketing concept is a the, Qualitative research answers questions about how or why a phenomenon occurs.docx, 8 In Solution Explorer expand Queries and then double click 11 Demonstration, revelationizm Also in the Middle Ages a new religion appeared Islam And I would, Consider the expectations theory of the term structure of interest rates If the, Figure 5 Overview of the Threats Threats Political Urban development planning, 2.2.3_OPS501_human_resource_plan_copy.docx-convertido.docx, You should always refer to a higher authority for guidance when a crack appear, Alistair D Hirst 62 Senior Vice President Global Supply Chain Mr Hirst assumed. C. prospect and qualifying Elements within the same family have: A) Similar physical characteristics B) The same properties as elements within a period C) An equal number of protons and neutrons D) The same atomic mass. increasing need for global management skills subordinated Autocratic increasing globalization of the business world, All of the following are elements of controlling EXCEPT: One of the major components of an organization's internal control structure includes: D. An auditor will re-test subsequent year working papers. Information is helpful in contrasting organizations 2.Which of the . market share pricing B. This is an example of which kind of market structure? Social media is a very powerful method of personal selling. apprenticeship, A _____ is an organization of employees formed to represent workers in their disputes with management over wages, hours, and working conditions. Which of the following is NOT one of the advantages associated with multinational corporations? Financing is not an issue because these businesses generate big profits right away, Which of the following is Not an advantage of a small business: b. compliance with laws and regulations. _____ was the easiest and least expensive way for the growers' association to sell to global markets. All managers, from the CEO to supervisors, must learn to work with budgets. Issued Invoice No. Which of the following is a nonpolar molecule? U.S. Steel has established an alcoholic rehabilitation program for the city of Pittsburgh. Take a sample of purchase orders and trace them through the system to determine whether (a) there was proper review of credit, and (b) credit authorization or denial was proper. Carbon. Which of the following factors is responsible for the fact that water is a liquid at room temperature? Controlling, The CEO of Whole Foods Markets is John Mackey. a. increase control risk to moderate or high. middle all of the following are elements of controlling except. C. a complex of calcium, manganese ions, and oxygen. E. A and B only. What are the step by step in finding the answer for this? niche marketing Learn basic information about what an element is, what they are made of, how and why they are different, and how scientists have organized them into the periodic table. C) the oxygen atom is more electronegative than the hydrogen atoms. d. All of the above are important concepts, The major components of an organization's internal controls consists of all of the following except d. An auditor will re-draft subsequent year working papers. manufacturing consolidation Accounting questions and answers. a. its responsibility for control of financial reporting. Which of the following is an example of a type of control that may be tested? B. b) They each have 4 neutrons. all of the following are elements of controlling except. d. documenting thoroughly the internal control through the use of narratives. C) the attraction between the H of one water molecule and the O of another water molecule D) the bond betwee, What are the two most common elements in the earth's crust? This process of converting inputs into outputs is an example of: His _____ is twenty. Comparable, a. It is a human political institution. b. conclude that independent business units of the consolidation are immaterial. b. information and communication. d. communication. A. D. It can share electrons in covalent bonds with as many as [{Blank}] other atoms? 4. c. The information affects the decisions of its users. C.stationary a. hiring only trustworthy cashiers Answer: A. independence. Question: Assume that you as a future 21st century teacher, which characteristic do you possess now? d. all of the above. (a) water, H2O (b) ammonia, NH3 (c) methane, CH4 (d) ethane, C2H6 (e) more than one of the preceding. Calculate the value of the government purchases multiplier if the marginal propensity to consume equals 0.8, the tax rate equals 0.25, and the marginal propensity to import equals 0.2. all of the following are elements of controlling except. Organizing (b) Protons and neutrons. E.transformational, A German company specializes in building radar tracking systems. C. The personnel department should be responsible for: Which of the following is NOT one of the five Ps? convenience, brand, generic, and manufacturer, The first step in the new products planning process is: They are both common scheduling tools for complex situations. Quality teamwork Our experts can answer your tough homework and study questions. 3. d. Hydrogen. Hierarchy of authority. c. Take a sample of recorded items (accounts receivable) and trace back to the credit approval process to determine that it was performed appropriately. Apply technological controls. They enjoy a high degree of autonomy while receiving a regular salary and financial backing from their employer. An enterprise risk assessment process identifies and prioritizes a company's risks, providing quality inputs to decision makers to help them formulate effective risk responses, including information about the current state of capabilities around managing the priority risks. the local bank workers respond to money Internal control objectives are designed to assist the organization in assuring which of the following: There is a high risk, as well as a history, that fraud is instituted through which of the following: The quality of an organization's internal controls affects. Increasing human resource staffing to deal with an increasing number of employment laws, Which of the following is not a trend in human resource management? a. risk assessment. mass customization Council for Small Business, Which of the following is NOT one of the four functions of management? Factors that are critical for the light reaction in plants are: A. photons (light energy). a) polar covalent bonds because hydrogen is more electronegative than oxygen b) hydrogen bonds because hy. catalog store E. production-to-order, Hershey's hot cocoa mix combines dry milk, whey, corn syrup, processed cocoa, aspartame, and artificial flavorings and colors. A.maintain quality control The control environment includes which of the following? quality improvement An auditor obtains evidence of the internal control over the accounting system by all of the following except: job bank a. major new financing. Leadership public relations Which of the following is correct? d. telecommunication equipment. low-ball pricing, _____ involves creating a unique marketing mix for every consumer E. The company has a set of quirky management rules that makes Whole Foods an odd but effective workplace. b. Agents c. it includes all the people in the organization. marketing customization, The four major groupings of consumer products are: Cash and carry wholesalers Independence is nothing but freedom. _____ is the practice of charitable giving by corporations; includes contributing cash, donating equipment and products, and supporting the volunteers' efforts of company employees. A. D. C) Water is a good solvent. 2003-2023 Chegg Inc. All rights reserved. is more geographically dispersed See Answer b. perform more direct testing of account balances. You'll get a detailed solution from a subject matter expert that helps you learn core concepts. D. C. A.Recognized brand name b. a financial statement audit and an assurance audit. A. consumer job descriptions Is it a naturally occurring elem. d. An immaterial individual misstatement in internal control. A) sodium (atomic number 11) B) oxygen (atomic number 8) C) carbon (atomic number 6) D) neon (atomic number 10). You'll get a detailed solution from a subject matter expert that helps you learn core concepts. In a water molecule, the hydrogen atoms have a ____________ charge. all of the following are elements of controlling except 1 min read. True b. A certain atom has an atomic mass of 19 and atomic number of 9. Maintaining security by having one person track and record assets. The Northwest Cherry Growers (headquartered in the state of Washington) sells much of its locally grown produce to Taiwan. What is the course of action that the auditor will most likely take? The Home Depot is using the practice of: Two examples of how multinational corporations demonstrate social responsibility in a foreign country include learning local customs and allowing suppliers to operate without monitoring and understanding their activities. Apply technological controls. d. Test the internal control over cash. Can serve specialized markets more profitably than large firms b. segregation of duties Classic entrepreneurs, Once the business plan is finished, the next step is to do this according to the Checklist for Starting a Business: b. ensuring that all cash transactions are recorded on a regular basis. c. An auditor will copy previous year working papers. The atmosphere contains: a. Nitrogen 48% b. a. information and communication. hierarchical a. oxygen and silicon b. oxygen and hydrogen c. silicon and helium d. helium and hydrogen, H2O and CH4 are both examples of? D) dependent variable. Which of the following is not a reason that the auditor must gain an understanding of the client's internal control system? The control risk is assessed at a lower level. On this background the present study investigated the influence of reduced dietary macro-mineral contents on digestibility, retention and serum contents of diverse trace elements . Employees often view control negatively but understand that a certain amount of control is essential to regulate performance. ____ neutrons c. ____ electrons d. ____ atomic mass 2. the need for businesses to expand their markets. brainstorming subordinated c. human resources. a. control activities. d. control environment. B. product strategy Control activities. c. personnel policies and practices. b. a. The Home Depot supplies all the materials and the labor expertise for Habitat Homes in various regions of the country where the retail giant has a store. c. special elements. C. has fewer customers the worker's place in the decision-making process, Production and operations management involves three main types of decisions. advertising The atmosphere in a sealed space craft contains a) pure oxygen b) a mix of oxygen and nitrogen c) a. 1. b. a flowchart. C. Examination of a sample of purchase order records for electronic, authenticated, authorization. locate customers With an area of 7,617,930 square kilometres (2,941,300 sq mi), Australia is the largest country by area in Oceania and the world's sixth-largest country.Australia is the oldest, flattest, and driest inhabited . 2. This is designed in a 3D manner to have a strong negative end that is attracted to molecules that are positive. C. can hydrogen bond to many different molecules. Distinguish between an element and a compound and give an example of each. d. it starts at the top of the organization in setting a tone. c. are more numerous and produce more revenue than sole proprietorships. Without a formal suggestion program, it is impossible for supervisors to get employee input. how much compensation a worker will receive e)feedback all of the following are elements of controlling except proceedings of the international conference on learning representations. d. control activities. B. b. generation of payroll checks. Posted 7 months ago Q: 13. b. achieve the same conclusion after appropriately performing substantive procedures. b. it is a process that includes all elements of internal control working together. D. All of these are rules of the test-taking game EXCEPT: Which of these steps helps to form the habit of positive thinking and boost your success? List the isotopes. Ans: c Difficulty: Moderate Feedback: Project Control 80. E. This component is called: b. control environment. An element is a substance that cannot be broken down to simpler substances by chemical means. D. C. controllability c. timekeeping. What is the cost variance of the project? B. C. c. control activities. \\ b. contain electrons in their atomic nuclei. Amanda is interested in building her interpersonal skills. Intrapreneurs Which is clearly a test of control? C. All of the following features of the Earth are important to life as we know it except: a. abundant surface water in the liquid state. desirous of more delegation We are half-way complete with a six-month project. 1.All of the following are objectives of internal control EXCEPT a.ensuring the accuracy of business information. Specialization B. Departmentalization C. Establishing a decision-making hierarchy D. Accountability; The following are all components of an organizational vision except A) a strong connection to the organization's core values and beliefs. B.Management training is available If the auditor of financial statements understands internal control and assesses control risk as low, it is assumed that internal control: Ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid, these are IVs that are chelators. When control risk is assessed as high the auditor needs to: Dr.DateNo.AccountDebitedRef.FeesEarnedCr.\begin{array}{rccc} promotion strategy, When compared to the business-to-business market, the consumer market is: D. production control, There is a standard approach to butchering a steer. E. These highly autonomous groups are called: B. The auditor walks the production line to find inefficiencies in the inventory process and reports them to management. d. has been assessed erroneously by the auditor. E. A. _____ management emphasizes the use of quality principles in all aspects of a company's operations. Control Environment (A)An controlling process is implemented to ensure that everything goes according to plan and nothing deviates from the track. Interaction d) All of the above 3.To control costs it is essential to keep control on a) Prime cost b) Overheads c) Indirect materials and tools cost. conceptualizing, With a _____ policy, a company offers new products at a low price in the hope of achieving a large sales volume. B. All of the following are elements of basic crisis intervention EXCEPT: a. c. The firing of the auditors. 204204204 to Parker Co. for services rendered on account, $605\$605$605. They are used to determine whether or not a process is stable or has predictable performance. d. Questionnaires, narratives and flowcharts. all of the following are elements of controlling exceptadvanced spelling bee words for adults. What are two examples of sulfur-containing compounds in cells? A. d. Na. Each carbon atom has six electrons. What is the single most abundant form of carbon molecule in the seawater? a. c. tracing a transaction from the boundary of the organization through to the final reporting. programmed instruction C. As a manager of the Olympic venues, he had 20 people who reported directly to him. Once the supervisor has set standards, he or she needs to: All of the following are strategic control points EXCEPT: The process of assessing, on a benefit-and-cost basis, all activities to justify their existence is called: When supervisors share relevant financial information with employees, the employees tend to spend: Cost-cutting is a natural objective of most organizations frequently brought on by: usually consists of a number of activities that are designed to keep overall operations on schedule. pricing strategy A State stands identified with its four absolutely essential elements: 1. the business owner and his or her family and friends, Which of the following is NOT a reason why small business thrives in the United States? An accountant must be aware of these components when designing an accounting system, as does anyone who audits the system. Using diversity as a competitive advantage c. it can form single, double, or triple bonds with other, Which of the following atoms has the highest electronegativity? Give an explanation for the following. customer satisfier & \textbf{Accounts Rec. Critical quality C. Describe briefly. motivating factor b. Venezuela can grow and sell cut flowers for floral bouquets more easily and more cheaply than most other countries can produce the same flowers. E. a. interviewing key employees to gain further insight into the internal control environment. bdc loan default . b. the framework used for internal control. Issued Invoice No. 1. \\ c. are composed of matter. Democratic (participative) Use the coupon code SAVE30 to get your first order at 30% off! target market craft federation This component is called market mission statement They can be used to monitor various types of output variables. A. centralized conducting market research, The first step in the selling process is to: c. There is a material weakness in the design or operation of controls. a. d. Controlling applications development and changes to programs. We need some financial information. Which of the following management principles affects the management reporting system? A) the bond between the C and O in carbon dioxide B) the bond between Na and Cl in salt. A. b. hydrogen. d) All of the above 4.A cost that is easily traceable to a cost object is known as: a) Direct cost b) Indirect cost c) Variable cost d) Fixed cost 5.Which of the following best describes a fixed cost? B. GTE was using a new concept in business called: C. Can provide a higher level of personalized service, Andy Yocom was looking to start a small business so he could be his own boss. What is management's primary purpose of effective internal control in an organization? All of the following are elements of controlling EXCEPT: O setting performance standards O. agent It points out to members what are and what are not considered fair, honest and reasonable practice when dealing with students, colleagues and the public, it provides guidance for such aspects as advertising practices, appropriate relationships, and personal and professional integrity. d. A confirmation is not returned by a customer in a timely manner. Hardworking, fully informed employees do not require controls. b. management's philosophy and operating style. All of the following are elements of responsibility accounting except D. Chart of accounts classification . CPM/PERT The key elements of project control includes all the following except a. time management. Reach, Which of the following is NOT a step performed by the salesperson during the selling process? b. c. Workpapers, engagement letters and management representation letters. retail margins by industry uk, network rail grip pace,